Rapidgator Issues

These changes only applies Big_Shamu‘s links

Due to their Financial and Unethical conduct I will have to drop Rapidgator.

Consider this 7 DAYS NOTICE. I will stop all Rapidgator links in seven days. For those of you who have bought a long term plan, Rapidgator Support has assured me that you can ask for a refund at


:Simply register your account and Create a ticket.

or simply contact your credit card company – whichever is simpler.

Im truly sorry for loyal patrons of RG and hope you can sort it out as I look for other means to pay for my overheads.
Please do not renew your RG account with me from this point on. PM me if you have any issues. RG will still be a regular with the other uploaders.

Thank you

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Rapidgator Issues

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Rapidgator Issues
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11 Responses to Rapidgator Issues

  1. big_shamu says:

    They started lying to me on their Financial on goings. Once, twice… like Netload before they go Kaput. This was truly a hard decision to make for me but copies of the emails from the rg support were sent to my piers before I made this announcement.

  2. shibadude says:

    I never did like rapidgator. Their speeds always sucked and when I emailed support they always wanted to blame my service or something else. Good riddance to them.

  3. RockStar says:

    rapidgator rip their customer off. I bought their Premium and it was giving me free user download speed. I asked them nicely for a refund and they blame it on my internet when other host i use was downloading fast and hell. I hope they get shut down. I hope you guy do get a refund because i know these people dont like giving out refund..

  4. firefds says:

    RG ripped me off as well.. I payed for a 3 month subscription at 24.99 and after a few month they started to charge me 49.99! without my approval or notification. And when I checked their site 3 month plan was still 24.99.
    They are thieves and lairs. Don’t go near them again.

  5. big_shamu says:

    You misunderstand me. You dont need a high rank on anything to share, just the heart and willingness to give.There is no pro or level where we hang out. The choice of dropping RG wasnt up to me. It was all RG’s doing. I had nothing to do with the crap they do. I just want nothing to do with them from now on. I’m glad you have a good relations with them and hope all the best for you.

  6. Uploader says:

    I am talking with them Right now ,Just tell me what’s your condition I can ask them for you ,I explained for them who you are ,how Important you are among us ,also I wrote in my previous post “not less pro than you” , I meant “I am LESS pro than You” sorry for mistake
    you are very special member in our community ,community of UPLOADERs ,Please tell me your condition I’ll do my best

    • big_shamu says:

      Thank you but its ok. RG closed my ticket yesterday – they are not going to do anything about it. Thats why Im dropping them.

  7. sam says:

    Rapidgator is going bankrupt

  8. Borgessa says:

    I could never work with RG anyway. I paid premium 2 times, only ever could get free downloading speed. Emailed back and forth with them, and it never changed. Appalling speeds, so ya know don’t care if you don’t use them. Thanks Shamu

  9. Uploader says:

    I believe You are one of the best uploaders You know what are you doing ,I hope things go better for you in future Only uploaders in our level know how good you are ,I wish you success

  10. mofker says:

    I’ve never payed for premium, always used rapidleeches or vinagets, don’t know what some above call slow speeds, those leech sites also had premium RG accounts and speeds were acceptable. I can understand dropping them, they ask way too much money for way too little data by their latest plans, which in turn will hamper the rewards system, the main reason uploaders use hosts like RG. Comparatively, hosts which don’t offer a good rewards system are scarcely used. Anyway, the idiots didn’t learn from the rapidshare mistakes that such a business model is a killer… RS dropped from the main player with an insane amount of traffic, 60 employees and a ton of cash to be made, to an obscure host with just one employe and a year ago it died completely. I did like them, though, but not anymore.

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